Bay Area MSBL History

No Hitters Thrown in BAMSBL History:

1) Tim Smith, Monarchs vs. PCL Indians, 1999

2) Kevin Schneider, Indians vs. the Rockies, July 2000 at Golden Gate Park

3) John Saylor, Kiernan's Cubs

4) Tim Fogarty, Expos vs. Fire, 5-15-16

History of Champions


1988 - ORIOLES

The BAMSBL's inaugural season saw a very strong Orioles team capture the league's first flag. The Orioles knocked off a stubborn Indians team in the American League Championship game with a clutch late inning home run by Phil Federico (Hall of Fame). The Orioles then proceeded to oust the Cardinals in the World Series. Over the course of time team leader Dean Asimos (Hall of Fame) would prove to be the most resilient of all players/managers as his Orioles would have to wait another 15 years before they won their second World Series championship in 2003!

Besides Asimos and Federico, other key players on this team were Craig McKee-Parks (Hall of Fame), B.J. Strickland (Hall of Fame) and Eric Clayton (Hall of Fame).

1989 - RED SOX (17-3)

While in Arizona in 1988 for the first annual World Series tournament, Rob Goldstein (Hall of Fame) at the time with the Yankees, and Pat Carroll (Hall of Fame) at the time with the Indians, though scoffed at by some other members of the tournament team, vowed to put together the next year's BAMSBL league championship team. By accumulating eight (including themselves) players from their hometown South San Francisco, childhood friends since the 1960s, they created a Red Sox team with a five player core of South City guys (Goldstein, Carroll, Gordon Miller - Hall of Fame, Barry Rozzi - Hall of Fame and Paul Bachtold - possible future Hall of Famer) that over the next 8 years through 1996 would go on to claim 6 A.L. East Division Titles, 4 A.L. Flags and 3 World Series Championships. The team also became the first AAA team to win three World Series Titles as well as the first AAA team to win Back-to-Back Championships, thus establishing the Red Sox as the first true extended dynasty in the BAMSBL's AAA League!

After disposing of the Orioles and the Twins in the A.L. play-offs the Red Sox swept the Cardinals in the World Series. 1989's champions were led by the dominating pitching of ex-major leaguer Herman Segelke, arguably the most feared and intimidating pitcher in the history of the BAMSBL (13-0 with 169 K's and a 1.23 ERA in 102 2/3 innings pitched). Leading hitters were Bachtold (.486, 35 hits and 3 HRs), Carroll (.456, 36 hits, 2 HRs and 38 RBIs), Goldstein (.449, 35 hits, 3 HRs and 20 SB), Miller (.446, 37 hits, 4 HRs and 31 RBIs), Bob Bachtold (.418 and 28 hits) and Segelke (.387 and 4 HRs).


The Cardinals, led by Dave Edson, Ronnie Ford and Jim Lowe defeated Mike Lyon's (Hall of Fame) Twins in the World Series.

1991 - ASTROS

The Astros, led by Steve Schefsky (Hall of Fame), Mike Walsh and Charlie Wagner defeated the Twins in the World Series.

1992 - PIRATES

The Pirates, led by pitcher Dennis Keating and slugger Gary Zanino defeated the Red Sox in the World Series.


The Phillies, led by star pitcher Tom Arrington (future major league replacement player during the strike), catcher Tony Gerales and Ronnie Ford defeated a great Rangers team that included Steve Schefsky (Hall of Fame), catcher Chuck Caruso (Hall of Fame) and Rudy Arroyo (ex-major leaguer).

1994 - PIRATES

Led by pitcher Jeff Kramer, the Pirates won their second World Series Championship in three years by downing the Blue Jays. The Blue Jays were led by overpowering pitcher Chris Willshire (Hall of Fame and future major league replacement player during the strike). This series included a game played at the Oakland Coliseum.

1995 - RED SOX (19-3)

The Red Sox won their second World Series Title by sweeping the Phillies. Pat Carroll (Hall of Fame and Cy Young Award) was the leading pitcher (16-0 with over 130 innings pitched). Stand out offensive performances were turned in by Danny Lebron (.544, 31 hits, 4 HRs, 30 RBIs and a possible future Hall of Famer), Chuck Caruso (Hall of Fame, .489 and 3 HRs), Greg Hill (.435 and 27 hits), Barry Rozzi (Hall of Fame, .404 and 19 RBIs), Rob Goldstein (Hall of Fame, .365 and 3 HRs), Carroll (.361 and 17 RBIs) and Steve Schefsky (Hall of Fame and 3 HRs).

1996 - RED SOX (17-6)

The Red Sox repeated in 1996, taking 2 out of 3 from the Pirates in a series that would determine the first three-time champion in the BAMSBL AAA League. Pat Carroll (Hall of Fame, 10-3 with over 115 innings pitched) led the team in pitching. The hitting leaders were Rob Goldstein (Hall of Fame, MVP Award, .510, 25 hits and 5 HRs), Danny Lebron (.520, 26 hits, 6 HRs and 26 RBIs), Tim McKercher (.450, 27 hits and 17 RBIs), Barry Rozzi (Hall of Fame, .375, 24 hits and 1 HR), Carroll (.373, 22 hits and 1 HR), Steve Schefsky (Hall of Fame, .345 and 3 HRs) and John Selvitella (.362 and 1 HR).

1997 - BLUE JAYS

Chris Willshire (Hall of Fame) and the Blue Jays claim their first World Series Title.

1998 - BLUE JAYS

The Blue Jays repeat! Chris Willshire (Hall of Fame and Cy Young Award) led the way for the Blue Jays.

1999 - CUBS
2000 - PADRES
2001 - PADRES

The Phillies win their first championship under manager Bill Magoolaghan as they knocked off the Orioles thanks to the solid hitting of CJ Martin, Jimmy Hemphill, Rick Russelle, Sean Lake and National League AAA MVP Jesse Irwin.

2003 - ORIOLES

The Orioles ended a 15 year drought by winning their second BAMSBL 28+ World Series , 7-5, over the defending Champion Phillies at Alberts Park in San Rafael.

In a well played, tense game, the Orioles rallied for two runs in the bottom of the 8th to defeat the Phillies. There were five lead changes throughout the game with the Orioles ending up on top thanks to great pitching performances by Orioles starting pitcher Darren Rodriguez and reliever Steve Moore.

The Orioles took the lead for good in the bottom of the 8th with the bases loaded and 2B Alan Maciel at the plate. Maciel, as he has done all year in the clutch, laced a line shot single down the left field line to drive in the two go ahead runs which proved to be the game winning hit.

Steve Moore pitched out of trouble again in the ninth. After one was out, Will Brandenberger placed a perfect push bunt past Moore and Bill Magoolaghan followed with a line single to right to set up a potential Phillies rally. Moore got Jimmy Hemphill on a fielder's choice and struck out Jesse Irwin on a called third strike. With the NL MVP and the league's leading hitter at the plate in Dan Bright, the Phillies had one more chance to score. Moore was able to retire Bright on a fielder's choice to SS Rick Bianchina, who stepped on second base for the final out and the Orioles had won the game and the series.

The Orioles returned most of their players from the 2002 roster with the invaluable additions of former Phillies OF Dave Aguero,2B Alan Maciel, formerly of the National League Champion Expos of 1998, and SS Rick Bianchina of the 2001 BAMSBL Champion Padres.


The Phillies beat the Orioles for the 28+ Championship by scoring two runs in the bottom of the ninth for the victory in game #2. After the Phillies loaded the bases with one out, Sean Lake delivered a clutch single over the outstretched glove of the Orioles second baseman to score Jimmy Hemphill from third.

With the bases still loaded, Marty McHale battled at the plate, fouling off pitch after pitch until a change-up in the dirt rolled to the backstop and Jesse Irwin raced home from 3B with the winning run.

World Series MVP Jamie O'Neil pitched solidly and continued his torrid pace at the plate. Jimmy Hemphill had 4 hits and Sean Lake got the win after relieving 2004 Cy Young winner Jamie O'Neil in the 8th inning.

The Phillies' Jon Rocklin took home the 28+ National League MVP honors, hitting .486 with a .618 OBA, 2 HRs and a league leading .838 Slugging PCT.


Despite the absence of their spiritual leader Sean Lake who required season ending knee reconstruction surgery in a mid-season game, the Phillies battled all year and swept a hard-hitting Red Sox team in the 28+ World Series. Cy Young candidate Jamie O'Neil pitched two incredible games and helped himself by banging a home run in game #1. Jon Rocklin hit a towering HR over the 345 foot sign at SF State to lead the Phils over the Red Sox in game 2.


Cards Win Championship behind Jeremy Advincula's complete game victory (Line: 9 inn, 1 unearned run, 2 hits, 2 walks, 1 HBP & 8 Strike Outs).

Cardinals Hitting:
Brandon Harris 3 for 3, 2 Runs, 2 RBI's, 1 2B & 1 SB
Jeremy Advincula 3 for 3, 2 RBI's & 2 2B's

John Sechler again pitched a gutty complete game performance giving up only 5 earned runs and stranding 7 Cardinal base runners.



In an epic battle between two veteran MSBL teams a gritty Cardinals squad rallied to overcome a late 4 run deficit and prevail as champs in the 25+ Division. In a classic 3-game series that featured countless lead changes, umpire controversy, heated exchanges, and too many big plays on both sides to mention, it was ultimately the Cards who emerged victorious. Both teams had numerous contributors up and down their lineups as it was truly team efforts that made this series so exciting.

2008 - Indians

2009 - Red Sox

2010 - Brewers North

2011 - Kezar Brewers

2012 - Indians

2013 -

2014 -

Above: Red Sox 21+ Champions 2015; Mgr: Ryan O'Neil


1993 - ANGELS
1994 - ANGELS
1995 - SEALS
1996 - BEAVERS (16-6)

The Beavers came all the way from dead-last in 1995, first overcoming the Seals, whom they hadn't beaten in a few years. The Seals took the first game of the semi-finals, but then the Beavers, under the leadership of new manager Bill Miller and inspired by rookie sensations Wes Thomas (MVP and Batting Title) and pitcher Eric Clayton finished off the Seals and then swept the mighty Monarchs in route to their first PCL crown. Thomas hit a home run in five of the six play-off games!

1997 - ANGELS
1998 - BEAVERS (20-1)

The Beavers went 16-0 in the regular season and then swept the Firebirds to advance to the PCL Finals. In the World Series they took two out of three against a tough Barons team to record their second PCL Championship.

Leading hitters for the Beavers were Wes Thomas (MVP Award, Batting Title, .692, 6 HRs, 36 hits, 34 Runs, 35 RBIs and a Slugging % of 1.269), Craig McKee-Parks (Hall of Fame, .509, 27 hits, 1 HR and 24 RBIs), Pat Carroll (Hall of Fame, .462, 2 HRs, 24 hits and 28 RBIs), Steve Leary (Rookie of the Year, .456, 26 hits and 27 Runs), Bill Neale (.433, 29 hits, 1 HR, 33 Runs and 15 SB), Don Chambers (.404 and 20 Runs), Bill Miller (Manager, .400 and 24 hits) and Mike Miller (.365 and 2 HRs). Carroll (CY Young Award, 14-1, approximately 115 innings pitched and 1.50 ERA) was the leading pitcher.

1999 - BEAVERS (20-0)

For the second consecutive year the Beavers went undefeated in the regular season. In 1999 they extended their undefeated streak all the way through the post season to win Back-to Back PCL Championships! They swept the Oaks in the finals.

1999's offense was powered by Steve Leary (MVP Award, Batting Title, .592, 29 hits, 22 RBIs, 29 Runs and 10 SB), Craig McKee-Parks (Hall of Fame, .531, 26 hits, 1 HR and 23 RBIs), Pat Carroll (Hall of Fame, .510, 26 hits and 17 RBIs), Mike Miller (.464, 26 hits, 1 HR and 23 Runs) and Craig Lawson (.460, 23 hits, 1 HR and 17 RBIs). Carroll (Cy Young Award and 12-0) was the leading pitcher.


2001 - BEAVERS (16-4-1)

2001 saw the Beavers reclaim their PCL Title, their third in three years and fourth in six years! Bill Miller took a well deserved break from managing and handed over the reins to Brian Willis (general manager), Mike Miller (practice manager) and Pat Carroll (field manager). A far cry from their undefeated seasons, the 2001 Championship season was fraught with turmoil from the beginning. However, it was a season that showed the true heart and determination of a champion as the Beavers wrung up 11 wins in their last 12 games, culminating with a sweep of the Oaks in the World Series.

Powering the offense was Craig McKee-Parks (Hall of Fame, .520, 26 hits and 18 RBIs), Carroll (Hall of Fame, .421 and 20 RBIs), Scott Godtfredsen (.367), Mike Miller (.360 and 12 RBIs), Tony Kerlegan (.358, 19 hits, 1 HR and 12 SB), Willis (12 SB) and Steve Leary (12 SB). The pitching leaders were Don Chambers (5-0 including three complete games in the post season) and Carroll (CY Young Award, 11-3, 10 complete games with approximately 110 innings pitched and 2.50 ERA).

2002 - ANGELS
2003 - GIANTS

The Giants win the realigned 38+ league.

2004 - BARONS (Mgr. Jim Meehan)

Lead by MVP Bill Magoolaghan and Hitting Champ Thiago Lopez, the Barons beat the Beavers in an exciting 3-game series that came down to the bottom of the 9th inning. As the tying run dangled off of second base, Bill Magoo struck out the final batter, his 22nd strike out in 13 innings pitched over the final two games of the weekend.


2005 - BARONS (Mgr. Jim Meehan)

Jim Meehan's Barons repeat as 38+ Champions as the Barons' Bill Magoolaghan outdueled the Beavers' Mike Miller in a low scoring affair at SF State. The offensive hero for the Barons was Mike Badolato who crushed a two run home run to right field in the top of the fifth with Thiago Lopez onboard. Bob Jordan scored what turned out to be the winning run when Dan Bright was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded in the top of the ninth. Magoolaghan struck out eight and yielded only two earned runs in going the distance for the Barons and capturing his 2nd win of the series.

2006 - GIANTS (Mgr. Mark Sieben)

35+ Giants Pete Johnson beat out an infield single to short-stop with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th to score Charlie Goldberg from 3rd base to conclude the 35+ Championship for the Giants. This year represents the first year of the Bay Area 35+ League. The first year of the 38+ League was 2003, which also happened to be the first year the Giants won their world series vs. the Marin Stars in 3 games.

Double side note; Giants winning pitcher in game 3 in 2003 and 2006 was 49 year old Arturo Jaimes of San Francisco! Via La Mexico!

3 game world series hitter highlights: Pete Johnson 5 for 8 (.625%) 1 RBI, Graham Miller 4 for 7 (.571%) 3b, 3 RBI's, Eric Wernholm 3 for 6 (.500%) Double, Mark Sieben 3 for 6 (.500%) RBI, BB, Hiroaki Ajari 3 for 7 (.429%) & Dan Weller 3 for 10 (.300%) 2 RBI's.

2007 - BARONS (Mgr. Ed Delaney)

Barons Capture Their Third Crown in Four Years

The 2007 finals between the Barons and the Beavers exhibited some great baseball. Both games were very exciting, extremely well played, and plain old fun to participate in. In the end the difference was pitching depth, and an over-powering offense.

This team was definitely built by a catcher. Jason Clark, the ace of the staff, was nearly untouchable when he was healthy, Bill Magoo was his usual masterful self, and Mike Eberhart, Steve Ewing, and Will Bateson filled out the rest of this talented frontline pitching staff. In reserve was Karl Maier who started the semi-final game against the Seals. It was his first start ever, he’d only pitched 3 innings of mop up all season, and he responded with 7 gutsy innings.

Justin Kubiak, who was an offensive catalyst and rock solid shortstop all year, seemed to hit another gear in the playoffs. He started or finished almost every rally, hitting .625 for the series, scoring 4 and knocking in 3. He was involved in 7 of the Barons 14 runs in the two-game series.

2008 Barons (Mgr Ed Delaney)

The Barons won their fourth title in five years on the strength of a 21 hit attack and some great pitching by Mike Eberhart and Sean Lake. Lake, Will Brandenberger, and Rob Fung each had four hits, and Rick Russelle hit a two-run homer in the first.

As Bill Magoo said after game, it was a bittersweet victory for the Barons. The players on both teams have played with or against each other for years and years, occassionally teaming up in tournaments. While it was fun baseball, you'd really prefer to beat a team that you don't like or don't respect, neither is the case between these two yeah, a fun game yesterday, and it was nice to come out on top, but it also kinda sucked because we had to witness our good friends fall just a little bit short after a fantastic season.

2009 Seals (Mgr Bob Rice)

The unlikely champs!

Sitting on a 2 win and 10 loss season, it was time for the Seals to be reminded that our goal of making the playoffs, was slipping away.

The 13 game proved to be lucky with a walk-off bottom-of-the-ninth two run-producing hit by Seals MVP Aaron Selix. With a win the next week our first goal was accomplished.

With the quality of competition in the playoff round, it was very unlikely that we would prevail. We knew we had to play our best baseball to be competitive.

Good defense in support of good pitching, along with good base running and timely hitting, we decided, would be our only chance. The final game in the championship series against an outstanding Barons team bore this out.

An excellent pitching performance by Aaron, going the distance with no walks and a defense that committed no errors, was the main reason we squeaked out a 10 to 8 win. There was no margin for error against an outstanding opponent.


2009 -

2010 -

2011 -

2012 -

2013 - Athletics (Mgr. Jay Miller)

2014 - Athletics (Mgr. Jay Miller)

2015 - Athletics (Mgr. James Biernat/Jay Miller)

Above: Athletics 30+ Champions 2015 (3rd Championship in a row); Mgr: James Biernat/Jay Miller

2016 - Athletics

Above: Athletics 30+ Champions 2016; Mgr: Ryan Shallet/Jay Miller

Athletics Win 5th Championship

The Athletics overcame an intentional walk fiasco in game #1 to win both games 2 & 3 to take the 30+ Championship, their 5th Championship. The were lead by Jonathan Jarolimek and Jimmy Bienat on the mound, taking the final game 2-1 at Albert Park.

BAMSBL 40+ Division

2014 - OAKS (Mgr. Mike Biglieri)

Oaks Sweep Thunderbirds in 40+ Finals in Bay Area

Oaks 19, Thunderbirds 12

Mike Biglieri's Oaks squad won their first League Championship in the Bay Area (CA) MSBL by defeating the Thunderbirds in the BAMSBL’s 40+ Division series, winning the finale 14 to 12. The Oaks Roy Manzanares had three hits, Dave Cheney continued his hot hitting with two doubles and Steve Etter drove in three runs.

Oaks MVP Mike Holland led the team on the mound, improving to eight wins on the year while striking out four. Bill Magoolaghan struck out 13 Thunderbirds in game one for the 6-4 win while earning the save in game two.

The Oaks started the semi-final game with an 8-0 lead but by the second inning the T’Birds clawed back. A few hits, a couple of walks and a couple of errors later the game closed to 8-7. The Oaks continued hitting and hitting and hitting. The Oaks had the bases loaded in each of the first four innings, which helped to extend their lead to 16-7. "The T’Birds got to me by scoring five in the bottom of the eighth making the score 16-12 and it knocked me out of the game,” explained pitcher Holland. "With two on and one out, Billy (Magoolaghan) came in and slammed the door on the rally keeping them from scoring anymore.We scored a few insurance runs in the ninth and Bill closed out the game, earning the save.”

Manager Mike Biglieri summed up the 19-12 championship game. "Manzanares, Cheney and Etter really brought their bats to this game and Billy and Mike came up huge on the mound. Those are the guys who won this game and made the season and the championship possible. I just drove the train. They provided the power and execution.”

2015 - Seals

Above: Seals 40+ Champions 2015; Mgr: Bob Rice

2016 - Seals

Seals Repeat as Champions

The Seals knocked off the Rangers in a two game sweep, scoring 27 runs over the two games. The Seals were lead by Phil Frediani, JP Parkhursts and Andreas Nicholas at the plate and on the bathpaths, as these three stole their way to the Championship by swiping 11 bases.


2007 - GIANTS (Mgr. Brian Willis)

The Giants 45+ captured the Bay Area Mens Senior Baseball League's inaugural 45 and over World Series title by sweeping the Firebirds with a 12-0 victory on Sunday 9/30/07. After a sluggish start to the season the Giants reeled off six consecutive victories to close out the year.

It took the Giants about 2/3 of the way into the season to finally hit their stride and to find their identity. The defense improved remarkably since the beginning of the season. Most impotantly, team chemistry and camaraderie was forged into a solid foundation of strength.

The Giants showed a lot of perseverance on the march to this championship run. Indeed, the season was fraught with perils at every turn. However, the team managed to come through relatively unscathed, and in the end, finished Champions!

2008 - GIANTS (Mgr. Brian Willis)

The Giants 45+ achieved Back-To-Back Championships in 2008. In the deciding World Series Game 3 vs the Sidewinders the Giants secured the title with a 5-0 victory. Pat Carroll, aided by a stellar defense, pitched a 3 hit shutout while striking out 8 batters. Mike Mazzi (3 for 3) and Charlie Goldberg (2 for 2) led the way for the Giants’ hitters.

Leading hitters for the Giants in 2008 season were Mazzi (.458), Craig McKee-Parks (.444) and Don Bradshaw (.407). Bradshaw also led the team with 24 RBIs and a .508 Slugging Percentage. McKee-Parks’ .538 On Base Percentage and 28 hits were tops on the team. Tom Whelan’s 23 Runs Scored and 12 Stolen Bases paced the Giants.

Leading pitchers for the Giants in 2008 were Carroll (W-L 10-3, IP 96.2, K’s 60, ERA 1.30), Bradshaw (W-L 3-1, IP 41.2, K’s 34, SV 1) and Drew Maran (W-L 2-1, IP 35, K’s 12).

2009 - GIANTS (Mgr. Brian Willis)

In 2009 the Giants 45+ became the first team in the 22 year history of the BAMSBL to 3-Peat! Arturo Jaimes pitched a complete game for an 8 to 3 victory in Game 3 of the World Series vs. the Monarchs. Multiple hit games were turned in by Charlie Goldberg, John Shea and Pat Carroll. Goldberg and Dan Weller each knocked in two runs in the Championship Game.

Leading hitters for the Giants in the 2009 season were John Harney (.432), Craig McKee-Parks (.393), Jaimes (.393), Tom Whelan (.392) and Ruben Ponce (.389). Whelan also led the team with 20 RBIs, 19 Runs scored, 16 Stolen Bases and a .588 Slugging Percentage. Harney was tops on the team with a .550 On Base Percentage.

Leading pitchers for the Giants were Jaimes (W-L 9-1, IP 90, K's 54, ERA 1.80, WHIP 1.056) and Carroll (W-L 8-2, IP 82, K's 59, ERA 1.43, WHIP 1.049

2010 - GIANTS 45+ Four-Peat! The Giants 45+ finished 2010 with a 15-5 record to capture their 4th consecutive Championship. They bested the Sidewinders 2 out of 3 in the Championship Series.

Leading hitters with BA/OBA/SLG slash lines were Pat Carroll .422/.574/.622, Lynn Lefevre .406/.466/.594, and Arturo Jaimes .371/.426/.452. Lefevre also led the team with 17 Stolen Bases and tied with Tom Whelan for the team lead in Runs Scored with 20. Carroll and Whelan paced the team with 17 & 15 RBIs respectively.

Leading pitchers were Jaimes (W-L 9-3, IP 99.67, K’s 66, ERA 1.17, WHIP 0.863) and Carroll (W-L 4-2, IP 55.67, K’s 41, ERA 2.22, WHIP 1.177).

2011 - GIANTS 45+ Five-Peat!

The Giants 45+ went 18-2 in 2011 in route to their 5th consecutive Championship. The season ended with a 2-0 sweep of the Monarchs in the World Series.

Top hitters with BA/OBA/SLG slash lines were Tom Whelan .481/.494/.810, Lynn Lefevre .455/.500/.697, Kevin Suzuki .438/.523/.562, Pat Carroll .434/.610/.585 and David Schwartz .421/.477/.579. Other notable offensive highlights included Whelan’s 33 RBIs, Lefevre’s 30 Runs Scored and Carroll’s 24 walks.

Leading pitchers were Arturo Jaimes (W-L 11-1, IP 103, K’s 66, ERA 2.22, WHIP 1.184) and Carroll (W-L 7-1, IP 62.67, K’s 32, ERA 2.15, WHIP 1.165).

2012 - GIANTS 45+ Six-Peat!

The Giants 45+ went 15-3-1 in 2012 to claim their 6th consecutive Championship. They swept the Monarchs 2-0 in the Finals.

Arturo Jaimes was the top hitter with a BA/OBA/SLG slash line of .442/.494/.571. He was followed by Tom Whelan .392/.471/.635, Pat Carroll .385/.529/.385 and David Schwartz .356/.452/.458. Whelan also led the team with 21 RBIs, 27 Runs Scored and 17 Stolen Bases.

Leading pitchers were Jaimes (W-L 9-3, IP 104.33, K’s 74, ERA 2.33, WHIP 1.466) and Carroll (W-L 5-0, IP 52.33, K’s 34, ERA 1.72, WHIP 1.127).

2013 - GIANTS 45+ Seven-Peat!

The Giants 45+ Finished 14-4-2 in 2013 to capture their 7th consecutive Championship. They edged out the Monarchs 2 out of 3 in the Championship Series.

Offensive highlights for the season included Batting Averages for Pat Carroll .458, Arturo Jaimes .433, Hiroaki Ajari .408, Ruben Ponce .380, Kevin Suzuki .364 and Bill Neale .356. Lynn Lefevre and Neale each had 22 Runs Scored. Jaimes led the team with 26 Hits and Carroll led with 20 RBIs. Lefevre’s 22 Stolen Bases were a team high.

Leading pitchers were Jaimes (W-L 10-3, IP 128, K’s 69, ERA 2.94, WHIP 1.463) and Carroll (W-L 4-1, IP 42, K’s 25, ERA 1.50, WHIP 1.524).

2014 - GIANTS 50+ EIGHT-PEAT!!!!!!!!

The Giants 45+/50+ went 17-2 in 2014 sweeping the Monarchs 2-0 to win their 8th consecutive BAMSBL World Series Title! During this unprecedented historic run Manager Brian Willis’ team posted a Win-Loss-Ties record of 122-31-4. The epic march to these 8 Championships produced a team Batting Average of .333 (1,953-5,859). On the Pitching side the team posted an ERA of 2.69 (1,356 innings pitched). During the eight- year Championship campaign 39 players contributed to the titles. Seven of these players have been inducted into the BAMSBL Hall of Fame.

2015 - Monarchs (Mgr. Mike Knittel)

Above: Monarchs 50+ Champions 2015; Mgr: Mike Knittel

2016 - Giants Capture Ninth Bay Area MSBL 45+/50+ Title in 10 years

Above: Giants 50+ Champions 2016; Mgr: Pat Carroll, Brian Willis & Dave Schwarts

Top Row L-R: Dan Weller, Bill Magoolaghan, Pat Carroll, Bill Hawkins, Drew Maran, Brian Willis, Ray Allen, Kevin Suzuki.

Bottom Row L-R: Mike Miller, Hiroaki Ajari, Mike Wilgus, Tony Kerlegan, Sam Doumanian, Rob Goldstein, Ruben Ponce, John Shea

Not Pictured: John Harney, David Schwartz, Charlie Goldberg, Lynn Lefevre, Bill Neale, Owen Seitel, Tony Giannini

The Giants 50+ had their unprecedented 8-Peat (2007 thru 2014) interrupted in 2015, but were able to recapture the title in 2016 with a Championship Game three victory over the Monarchs in the Bay Area MSBL. For the 2016 Championship Game the Giantstrailed 13-7 in the bottom of the ninth inning, but rallied for seven runs to win it 14-13 in dramatic fashion!

Standouts for the Giants included winning pitcher Mike Wilgus and shortstop Dan Weller. Wilgus hurled a complete game and also went 4-5 with two doubles and seven RBI. Weller had a 4-4 day at the plate including a clutch ninth inning double to go with three RBI.

During the ten year history of the BAMSBL's 45+/50+ Division the Giants have compiled a Win-Loss-Tie record of 146-42-6 on the road to their nine Championships.

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