2015 League Tryouts!  

The Bay Area Men’s Senior Baseball League held their 28th annual tryouts for the 2015 baseball season on Sunday February 22nd.

A big THANKS to everyone who participated in today's tryouts, they were enormously successful with about 50 attendees showing up wanting to play. Unfortunately, not everyone could get drafted, but many were. Those who were not drafted will remain in our player pool & may be contacted throughout the year to play as temporary replacement players (and hopefully landing a full-time spot).

A great way to join the league is through the Fall League, which is much less formal. Also, it would be helpful for all of us to hit the batting cages, and FutureProbb.com has cages in Burlingame run by former SF Giant Terry Whitfield, who used to play in our league. DRAFT RESULTS are listed below.

Draft Picks for 21+ League:

1. David Berning #210, Rockies

2. Peter Dickinson, #216, Fire

3. Steve Rodriguez, #206, A's

4. Anthony Giamatto, #218, Tigers

5. Dan King, #209, Rivercats

6. Richard Dannebauer, #215, Rockies

7. Sam Herbert, #214, Fire

8. Jermaine Harrison, #213, Rivercats

9. Anthony Huerbach, #204, Fire

10. Larry Chang, #202, Rivercats

11. Greg Zamora, #217, Rivercats

12. Ray Kamar, #212, Rivercats

13. Michael Simonetti, #207, Rivercats

Draft Picks for 30+ League:

1. Brad Wilson, #302, Mustachios

2. Tom Kochy, #403, White Sox

3. Robert Lundy, #306, Sting

4. Michael Sachs, ‪#‎404B‬, Brewers

5. Dominic Alling, #305, Sting

6. Tom Mullaney, #303, Brewers


Draft Picks for the 40+ League:

1. Josh Richter, ‪#‎404A‬, Thunderbirds

2. Chris Buchan, #307, Thunderbirds


Draft Picks for the 50+ League:

1. Daniel Robins, #504, (I believe this was for the Cubs)


Your team manager has been provided with your contact info & will be getting in touch soon. Our games start toward the end of March. Again, if you were not drafted, you will be in our pool player list & you may be contacted during the season. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Some things to know: The average cost to play is $325 for a 16 game season plus playoffs.  In the first year you will have to purchase a uniform, cost is about $120 for everything.  Travel is required from as far south as Palo Alto to Novato in the north and points in between.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the league and fill out the new player form on this website, or contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We are looking for new teams to join us in any age division.  Preferably in the 40+ & 50+ age divisions.  If you have a team, or if you want to manage and be responsible for your own team, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

2015 Board of Directors  

On Saturday, January 31, 2015 we had our annual membership and manager’s meeting. Besides discussing several topics, we elected a new board of directors for the 2015 year. Your new board members are as follows:

President: Jim Frenn

Treasurer: Aaron Selix

Secretary: Whit Fletcher

1st Vice President: Bill Magoolaghan

2nd Vice President: Jim Cullen


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