Week 20 - September 20th & 21st Print


Saturday, September 20th

Albert Park                                7 pm  30+ Athletics @ Mustachios (30+ Championship Series, game 2)

Sunday, September 21st

Albert Park                                2 pm  Rays @ Tigers (21+ Championship Series, game 2)


Albert Park                              10 am   Monarchs @ Cubs

Gunn High                                 2 pm   50+ Seals @ Giants

Our fields are very important to us.  Teams in the second game, if there are tools drag the field, rake the batters boxes and mound, and Cover The Pitchers Mound/batters Area If Tarps Are Available. Leave dugouts Clean.  No Sunflower Seeds On Turf Fields

Fall Ball is Coming!! Print

The Bay Area Men's Senior Baseball FALL BALL season starts the weekend of Oct 4/5.

It is a 10 game schedule and we will play every weekend (less holidays). We will finish up mid to late December, depending upon weather.   

Fees are team driven for the 10 game regular season. This is a non-age required league, however no one younger than 18 can play.  The cost per player is anywhere from $100 to $150 for the season, depending upon how many players your team carries. 

Full team fees are due BEFORE the start of the season, so managers are looking for players now.  If you wish to bring a new team into the league let us know.  New teams - you need to get your own uniforms (however, uniforms are not required) equipment, etc. The league only supplies the fields, baseballs, and one umpire per game.

We will be playing all games in San Francisco. Games start are 9am and noon; you'll play on either Saturday or Sunday. Teams should have players who can play on both days. 

Let us know if you want to join a team or bring a team this season.  Please, if you commit to bring a new team, we do expect payment by early September.  We are securing fields based on the number of teams that commit to play. Spots are reserved only when you pay!

If you are a player who wants a team to play on, we will have a player's pool where managers can contact you about playing if you're interested.  This is a very casual league, a good place for new players to be seen by spring/summer managers in our league and returning players to work on their game.   

For more information please contact Aaron at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

MSBL News Print

Alan Silver


One of a Kind

The Tri-Valley Men’s Senior Baseball League lost a brother on Aug. 9.

In the top of the sixth inning, while stifling a Tribe rally, 65+ Giants pitcher Alan ‘Navarro’ Silver collapsed on the third base side of the mound. Despite CPR administered by ballplayers, and the life-saving efforts of the fire department paramedics, Alan passed away that day.

Most players remembered Alan mainly as a good person and secondly as a ball player. But make no mistake: the man could play. “Alan and I go way back to 1999 in the Redwood Empire Baseball League,” said Giants manager Don de Cordova. “Alan was a pitcher and third baseman and a very good hitter.” Tim Ryan confirmed Alan’s pitching ability. “For one 70 years of age Alan could throw the ball harder than most in their 50s,” he said. “He wasn't just a thrower, he was a pitcher.”  

Alan accompanied de Cordova on 15 trips to Las Vegas tournaments and at least 10 trips to the MSBL World Series. Zach Jones was among those counting on Alan’s appearance again this year. “I was really looking forward to catching him in Phoenix and the tournament venue as well,” he said. “He will be deeply missed from this game that we all love to play.”

Never did Alan glare at an infielder for booting a ground ball. No one could remember him yelling at a ball player for any reason. “He loved the game of baseball and sharing it with his teammates, and he lifted our spirits with his presence,” said mound partner Jerry Emanuelson. “I will always remember catching Alan, who was a heck of a pitcher, and he rarely if ever shook me off,” said Bobby DeStefano. “We would sit in the dugout between innings and talk baseball and life.”

The talk inevitably reverted to what a genuine, kind individual Alan was. “He was always kind and concerned about my brother and me,” said Rick Hubbs. Nick DiLauro remembered Alan as a very friendly guy and a good player. “I can’t say enough about him, he really was a good guy,” added Lou Ferrari. Rankin Lyman recalled many a dugout chat. “Alan and I had some heartfelt talks about his wife and my late mother, both Alzheimer victims,” he said.  “A decent man who will be missed.”

“He was the nicest and most kind man,” said de Cordova.  “His kindness led him to offer to pay for players who were struggling to pay their baseball fees, so as to not leave them behind.  On several occasions, when Alan was injured and could not make a tournament, he would always make sure his fees were transferred to another.”

As the surreal scene on the field wound down that day, two makeshift columns of Giants and Tribe players flanked the departing ambulance. The players tipped their caps as the ambulance drove along the infield dirt and took Alan away.

Shortstop David Currie memorialized the stunning events in his tribute to Alan. “Even in the end, you were on the mound pitching your butt off for us,” he said.  “It was so fitting that you passed away on a pitching mound, working to pull our team out of a mess.”

2014 Board of Directors Print

On Saturday, January 11, 2014 we had our annual membership and manager’s meeting. Besides discussing several topics, we elected a new board of directors for the 2014 year. Your new board members are as follows:

President: Jim Frenn

Treasurer: Aaron Selix

Secretary: Whit Fletcher

1st Vice President: Bob Rice

2nd Vice President: Jim Cullen


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