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2015 LEAGUE MVP's:

21+ Division: Adam Callan, Red Sox

30+ Division: Will Brandenburger, Athletics

40+ Division: Aaron Selix, Seals

50+ Division: Steven Gray, Monarchs


21+ Division: Wes Canepa, A's

30+ Division: Steve Peavler, Athletics

40+ Division: Aaron Selix, Seals

50+ Division: Dave Chilcote, Sidewinders

2015 BATTING CHAMPS (48 Plate Appearances):

21+ Division: Adam Callan, Red Sox: .540

30+ Division: Will Brandenburger, Athletics: .571

40+ Division: John James, Rangers: .622

50+ Division: Steven Gray, Monarchs: .519

2015 League Champions:

Above: Monarchs 50+ Champions 2015; Mgr: Mike Knittel

Above: Seals 40+ Champions 2015; Mgr: Bob Rice

Above: Athletics 30+ Champions 2015 (3rd Championship in a row); Mgr: James Biernat/Jay Miller

Above: Red Sox 21+ Champions 2015; Mgr: Ryan O'Neil


21+ Division: Red Sox

30+ Division: Athletics

40+ Division: Seals

50+ Division: Monarchs

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2015 Board of Directors  

On Saturday, January 31, 2015 we had our annual membership and manager’s meeting. Besides discussing several topics, we elected a new board of directors for the 2015 year. Your new board members are as follows:

President: Jim Frenn

Treasurer: Aaron Selix

Secretary: Whit Fletcher

1st Vice President: Bill Magoolaghan

2nd Vice President: Jim Cullen


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